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Family Law

Cases involving family law can be very challenging and often get emotional. You need an objective third party to guide you through with compassion and experience and The Law Office of Ryan J. Dymek can provide that.

Separation and Divorce

Marriage intertwines your life with that of your spouse. Separation and divorce are legal actions that require customized solutions. My goal is listen to you and determine your objectives and come up with a plan of action that is tailored to meet your needs, while keeping your children in mind.

Child Custody and Support

Maryland courts operate with two guiding principles regarding child custody and support. First, the court determines what is in the best interests of the child and makes its rulings based on those interests. Generally, it is assumed that joint custody is best. The court wants to see both father and mother involved in parenting and providing financial support of the child. Depending on your particular circumstances, I can work toward the best possible solution for you, support or modification of support.

Contact The Law Office of Ryan J. Dymek today to represent you in court for divorce, as well as child custody and support.